1. January 25, 2023 at 1:31 pm

    Mervin Herbert

    Good afternoon I am interested in getting four Wall mounted camera’s for my church and the control system for them also would like to know what it will cost for the whole package the church is sixty six feet wide and One hundred feet long from flour to celling tweenty feet.

    1. January 25, 2023 at 2:00 pm


      At 100ft, there are really 3 great 4-camera options:

      1. ATEM Mini Extreme 4-Camera PTZ Streaming Kit (30X Version)

      This one is our best-selling configuration by far. These cameras have been out for a while, but they are great value for the price. These are a 30X zoom, which means at around 100 ft, they will zoom in to a 4’ (diagonal) frame – so maybe a little more than upper-body on most people. $10,989.40

      2. PTZOptics 4-Camera Move 4K PTZ 30X Zoom Streaming Kit (ATEM Mini Extreme)

      This is the same configuration above but with PTZOptics newest camera release (just released this year). This camera replaces the model above with a 4K Sony sensor. It’s still 30X zoom, so same framing but a much higher quality image and better performance in low-light. These cameras also come with built-in auto tracking, which we show in this video here: https://youtu.be/R1cT_Xzv-D8 $13,444.20

      3. BirdDog P240 4-Camera PTZ Streaming Kit (40X Zoom) [ATEM Mini Extreme]

      This is the same configuration as the others, but this is featuring the BirdDog P240 cameras. These are the newest release from BirdDog, which is considered a more premium, broadcast-quality camera compared to the PTZOptics line. These cameras have a 40X zoom lens and a new Sony sensor, making them great in low-light but can zoom in to about a 2’ frame from 100’ away. $16,652.44

      These kits are designed to be all-in-one solutions. So, all you need in addition to them is a wired connection to your network router, and an output from your main audio mixing board. Everything else you need is pretty much included in the kit. The only other thing would be a computer to plug in your streaming settings into the encoder. After that, you don’t even need a computer to stream.


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