We’ve been around since before the Pandemic – strange that is a legitimate landmark in time. After spending years researching gear, and building studios for streaming, podcasting, and churches, we found a lot of people seeking our help. So, ChurchSetup was born.

We focus 80% of our business on Houses of Worship, however we have major universities (like Harvard), High Schools and Private Academies, municipalities and government entities, and performance halls as our happy clients.

We hope you’ll be next! Let us earn your business!
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Priorities &


Make It Easy

Tech is difficult enough. We exist to make it accessible and easy to anyone of any church of any size. We'll be your outsourced tech team.

All our customers get 12 months FREE and UNLIMITED Premium Video Tech Support.


Make It Affordable

Local integrators can charge more than 2-3X our prices, and do so because they'll manually install it. However, the secret is, they overcharge for the actual tech.

We don't!


Make It Last

We want stability. We cover our products with a 12-month guarantee against defective equipment. And we work with manufacturers that have industry-leading warranties on their products, like PTZOptics' 5-Year Warranty.


Make It Accessible

New volunteers are often intimidated by video equipment. Our customers get 12 months of free training for their volunteers. And, all our customers get FREE team-level access to the Live Streaming Academy, which is a $997 price per team member normally.