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New Vmix Update Version 24 Adds Focus Control for PTZ Cameras

Focus Control in Vmix

Vmix just released their version 24 update, and there is an amazing new feature for anyone who uses PTZ cameras with Vmix for their live stream. You can now not only control the Pan, Tilt, and Zoom of the PTZ Cameras, but you can also control the focus. Here’s a video from PTZOptics showing this […]

A Word on Recent Price Increases (Temporary)

We’re living in weird times. Cryptocurrency mining, economic uncertainty, the Pandemic, and our governmental craziness have caused an unusual impact on our industry. Graphics cards are out of stock – all of them – everywhere. To purchase graphics cards through Amazon or eBay you will have to pay what is called “scalper” prices. Meaning, folks […]

New! PTZ Live Streaming Kits Available

We’ve had a lot of people asking for custom quotes for streaming packages with the PTZ cameras. For those who don’t know, PTZ simply stands for Pan/Tilt/Zoom – these are the cameras that are remotely controlled from a remote, app, or keyboard controller. They are small, inconspicuous, and have a beautiful high-definition image. These are […]