A Word on Recent Price Increases (Temporary)

We’re living in weird times.

Cryptocurrency mining, economic uncertainty, the Pandemic, and our governmental craziness have caused an unusual impact on our industry.

Graphics cards are out of stock – all of them – everywhere.

To purchase graphics cards through Amazon or eBay you will have to pay what is called “scalper” prices. Meaning, folks who are selling these cards are marking them up way beyond MSRP.

For some reason, older graphics cards are also out of stock – AMD and Nvidia are blaming supply chain problems due to Covid.

All of that to say, one of the main components in our streaming PCs is now very low in supply, and very, very high in demand. Prices are tripled and even quadrupled in some cases.

Therefore, our prices are temporarily a little higher ($400-$600) than normal to cover the increased prices of graphics cards. This is out of our control, and we will adjust prices whenever the market solidifies.  For most of our customers, this isn’t an issue. However, if you have been shopping for a while and saw us increase our prices on our live streaming kits – this is why.

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